Jack Couch For Ky State Representative 47 Dist.


Democratic Candidate
for the 47th District of Kentucky
Jack Couch


Jack Couch for Kentucky 47th District VOTE FOR JACK Jack Couch For Ky State Representative 47 Dist.


Army Veteran
County Judge Executive
Executive Director KIPDA
Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts
National Assoc. of Regional Development Associations
Lobbied in Wash. D.C.
Worked on making the Milton-Madison Bridge a reality
Master Diver/Pile Drivers Union
Chairman of Private Industry Council
State Transportation Cabinet, Assistant to the Secretary
Ministers at Milton Methodist Church
Member of the American Legion (Post 9 in Madison IN)

My background gives me a strong resume to represent the citizens of Carroll, Gallatin, Henry and Trimble counties in the General Assembly.

I have years of experience in local government that also allowed me to work with our state legislators for funding, grants, low interest loans, transportation projects--and I'm ready to take on new objectives.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I am taking every precaution to make sure I am not endangering your health and well being.
I will be visiting your community at various events and meetings to hear what your needs are in all areas, programs, and projects.

Get TO KNOW ME and assure yourself I AM the person that will represent your best interests in Frankfort.

If your interest is important to you, then it becomes important for me to address and find ways to bring success to you and OUR community.

Keeping Transportation Access is important for a thriving economy, for tourism, commerce, and pleasure.
It is a strong point for me having spent years in the State Transportation department.

Milton-Madison Bridge Video

Jack Couch for Kentucky 47th District
Old Bridge
Jack Couch for Kentucky 47th District
Ribbon Cutting
Me, second from left, next to Rick Rand,
with Gov. Steve Beshear and Gov. Mike Pence
Jack Couch for Kentucky 47th District
New Bridge


Thank you for the invitation to speak at your membership meeting last night. It was an honor and privilege for me to share information about me and the campaign to represent your group as the next state representative of house district 47.

Your questions on retirement, health insurance, pay grades/raises, state budget and my support to you with your needs to run an efficient and effective department will not be forgotten if I am your next state representative.

You can count on me as I have proven time and again my support to our emergency services over the 13 years I served as your county judge/executive, 8 years as executive director of the 15 area development districts, plus 9 years executive director of the KIPDA ADD that included Trimble and Henry counties. You are very deserving of whatever ways I can be of help to the department if I am successful in the campaign. I have been blessed with a career path that has more than prepared me as the most qualified candidate to represent your interest and concerns.

As you well know the topics of abortion and gun rights are of the utmost importance to most if not all our citizens in the 47th house district. My opponent has misrepresented me on both.

“I am pro-life and have always taken a stand and have a very strong conviction to support our most vulnerable (the unborn)”.

“I am pro-gun for the rights of our citizens to own guns under the second amendment”.

I am a lifelong sportsman, raising my son on gun safety, hunting and fishing together in many of the lakes and streams of the commonwealth. Thank you again to allow me to meet with you.

Jack Couch for KY - Milton Madison Bridge

Jack was part of a determined team that put in years of work replacing the narrow, badly aging bridge connecting Kentucky to Indiana @ Milton/Madison expanding commerce on both sides of the Ohio River. (My Diver training was an asset in consulting on the Bridge project.) Jack worked over 30 years! on Milton Madison Bridge including lobby in Washington D.C. and Frankfort. Under the Steve Beshear administration Jack successfully got the bridge project approved for inclusion in the 6 year highways plan.

Jack's experienced working with multi-million dollars budgets ($30+ million) in KIPDA and did a $44 Billion Excel spreadsheet for all the transportation state wide as principle assistant to the Secretary of Transportation.

"Once I make my mind up to do something, I see it through...even if it takes a long time."




Treasurer Jackie Couch Consley

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